Guided Surgery – Implant Dentistry

Guided Surgery – Implant Dentistry


Presented by: Dr. Federico Rivara
Total Time: 5hr:31min
CE Credit: 5.5


Course Outline
Module 1:
- Origin and indications of Guided Surgery
- The concepts of accuracy, trueness, and precision
- Types of digital files
Module 2:
- How to plan a prosthetic set up
- Guided Surgery software and smile design software
- Guided Surgery planning: full-arch and esthetic area
- Guides production features
Module 3:
- Preliminary Phase: pre-operative check, Guided Surgical Kit
- Guided Surgery: full-arch and esthetic area
- Provisional Phase: full-arch and esthetic area
- Prosthetic Definitive Phase: from the digital impression to the delivery
Module 4:
- Causes of inaccuracy
- Surgical and prosthetic complications


Published Date: 2022/10/25


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