Guided Surgery – Implant Dentistry

Guided Surgery – Implant Dentistry


Presented By: Dr. Federico Rivara, DDS, MSc, PhD
Total Time: 5hr:38min
CE Credit: 5.5
AGD CE Code: 690 – Implants

Program Description:
Digital technologies have become an irreplaceable tool to facilitate and streamline implant planning and prosthetic rehabilitations. Either in single tooth esthetic cases or in complex cases that involve a full-arch rehabilitation, three-dimensional radiographic data together with intra-oral scans and digital photographs can be digitally integrated to properly plan not only implant position but also an optimal occlusion and the overall prosthetic set-up. Moreover, extra-oral and intra-oral patient data can be merged to pre-visualize the ideal aesthetic outcome and discuss it with the patients, which become directly involved in the decision-making process about their oral rehabilitation. The prosthetic set-up can then be easily shared with the technician, who will produce temporary and definitive restorations according to the planning by using CAD-CAM technologies, such as 3D printing or milling technologies, with a high level of accuracy.

In this course the entire process of guided implantology has been explained in short lessons organized in four main modules. From the first lesson on the origin to the last one on the complications, the course analyzes all the steps to finalize a perfect guided surgery case in total autonomy.

Course Objectives: 

  • To know the basics of guided surgery
  • To know the different file necessary for the digital planning and how to manage them
  • To plan and finalize a case of guided surgery in the esthetic zone
  • To plan and finalize a case of guided surgery for full-arch restorations
  • To know how finalize the definitive restoration with a digital workflow
  • To overcame limits and pitfalls of the digital implantology


Course Outline
Module 1:
- Origin and indications of Guided Surgery
- The concepts of accuracy, trueness, and precision
- Types of digital files

Module 2:
- How to plan a prosthetic set up
- Guided Surgery software and smile design software
- Guided Surgery planning: full-arch and esthetic area
- Guided production features

Module 3:
- Preliminary Phase: pre-operative check, Guided Surgical Kit
- Guided Surgery: full-arch and esthetic area
- Provisional Phase: full-arch and esthetic area
- Prosthetic Definitive Phase: from the digital impression to the delivery

Module 4:
- Causes of inaccuracy
- Surgical and prosthetic complications

This is a self-instruction course.

Published Date: 2022/10/25
This course was reviewed on 2023/11/28 for accuracy and relevance of educational content.



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