Complete Denture Program (CDP)


Complete Denture Program (CDP)

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Presented By: Dr. Aldo Leopardi, Prosthodontist
Time: 04hr:37min
CE Credit: 4.6
AGD CE Code: 670 – Removable Prosthodontics

Program Description: This set consists of 20 modules and is viewable online or on a DVD. Individual modules can be purchased separately and viewed online. Dr. Aldo Leopardi, Prosthodontist and Mike Young, CDT demonstrate the Complete Denture technique with live patient clinical procedures and laboratory steps. This is one of the most up-to-date and clinically relevant series on the Complete Denture Technique available today. Filmed in wide-screen and high definition, Dr. Leopardi discusses all aspects of the complete denture experience and covers each dental appointment with a live patient example.

Course Outline:
Module 1: Initial Appointment ($29.99)
Module 2: Preliminary (Initial) Impressions ($29.99)
Module 3: The Secret to Accurate Complete Denture Border Extensions ($44.99)
Module 4: Fabrication of Secondary Impression Trays ($24.99)
Module 5: Secondary Impressions - Border Molding with Elastomeric Impression Materials ($44.99)
Module 6: Border Molding with Green Stick Wax Impression Compound ($29.99)
Module 7: Boxing and Pouring Complete Dentures - Secondary Impressions ($29.99)
Module 8: Posterior Palatal Seal Master Cast Modification ($29.99)
Module 9: Fabrication of Maxillomandibular Acrylic Base Wax Occlusion Rims ($24.99)
Module 10: Maxillomandibular Jaw Relations Appointment ($44.99)
Module 11: The Facebow Transfer Record ($29.99)
Module 12: Anterior Teeth Selection($44.99)
Module 13: Articulator Selection and Master Cast Mounting ($24.99)
Module 14: Setting the Maxillary and Mandibular Anterior Teeth For Complete Dentures ($29.99)
Module 15: Posterior Tooth Set Up and Occlusion in Complete Denture Therapy ($29.99)
Module 16: The Wax-Trial Complete Denture Appointment ($29.99)
Module 17: Complete Dentures Laboratory Processing (Injection Mold Technique)  ($29.99)
Module 18: Complete Dentures Delivery Appointment ($29.99)
Module 19: Complete Dentures Follow-Up Appointment ($29.99)
Module 20: Complete Dentures Laboratory Hard-Reline Procedures ($39.99)


Published Date: 2021/12/02
This course was reviewed on 2023/11/28 for accuracy and relevance of educational content.


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