3-D Imaging and CT-Guided Dental Implant Surgery

3-D Imaging and CT-Guided Dental Implant Surgery


Presented By: Dr. Jay B. Reznick, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Time: 1hr:17min
CE Credit: 1.3

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Program Description: Cone Beam technology has brought the power of 3D imaging into the dental office. CT-Guided dental implant planning and surgical techniques are far superior to traditional 2-dimensional imaging and "freehand" placement of dental implants. This results in a less invasive surgical procedure, awareness of anatomical challenges ahead of time, increased precision of implant placement, reduced surgical time, and enhanced patient recovery.

Course Objectives:
- Introduction to 3D CT volumetric implant treatment planning
- Discussion of shortcomings of traditional implant planning and surgical guides
- A few cases where preoperative 3D imaging would have been beneficial
- Introduction to implant planning software and workflow
- Presentation of a variety of Guided Implant Surgery cases
- The merging of Cone Beam CT and dental CAD/CAM technology


Published Date: 2022/08/18





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